IoT sensors evaluate weather conditions which have big impact to efficiency of crop and animal production.
Monitoring of persons, objects, natural elements, social and health care supervision, air quality monitoring including CO2.
Remote water meter, gas meter, elektricity meter and lighting read out as fundamental services for smart city scenarios.
Implementation of special telecommunication technologies, control room communication systems and computer networks.

Supported networks

Sensors or IoT terminals supplied by our company communicate via LoRaWAN, SigFox NB-IoT NarrowBand-IoT protocols. All our sensors are tested by infrastructure providers such as Czech Radiocommunications, PlzenecNet, STARNET, SimpleCell and Vodafone.

About us

Company Solidus Tech s.r.o. was established in 2012 by workers Former Ericsson Business System s.r.o. and so on for years of leading telecommunication systems customers in the Czech Republic. In the middle of 2015 we started development of products focused on internetization of Things, known under the term Internet of Things (IoT) working with the LoRa protocol and SIGFOX. Newly we develop and prepare products for Narrow Band.

SolidusTech ranks with its experience and many years of experience in the field to major suppliers of IT technology and IoT equipment, including service background.

Company headquarters

Solidus Tech s.r.o.

Na poříčí 595
738 01 Frýdek-Místek
IČ: 29450837
DIČ: CZ29450837

Our team

Zdeněk Dybal

Obchod a projektový managment
+420 602 258 954

Petr Foltýn

Vývoj a projektový management
+420 739 822 476

Dušan Stachoň

Vývoj a projektový management
+420 739 822 476

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OP podnikání a inovace
pro konkurenceschopnost

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